Difficulties talking and naming things and speech is hard to understand?

Dear Jacqui, My daughter is a bright 2.6 year old but has difficulties talking and naming things. Her speech is hard to understand. Other girls her age are talking fluently. Will she outgrow it? […]

My child in Reception has numerous difficulties related to learning.

Dear Jacqui, My child is in Reception and has difficulties with speech, language, learning and memory. He is also clumsy, has poor pencil grip, is a fussy eater and poor sleeper. He is lovely but can be difficult. Please advise? […]

3 years old and has difficulties speaking clearly or saying many words

Dear Jacqui, My son is 3 years old and has difficulties speaking clearly or saying many words. Is this normal, and will he outgrow it? […]

Lacks confidence, and finds it hard to get his thoughts down on paper

Dear Jacqui, My child is now at Upper school. I have concerns about him because he lacks confidence, and finds it hard to get his thoughts down on paper. I think this will hold him back but school aren’t concerned because he is getting C and D grades. He had a lot of ear infections when he was young, and some early speech and language therapy in the NHS but was discharged. Can anything be done to help my son? […]

Asperger’s and dyspraxia

Dear Jacqui, We are having a difficult time. My daughter in Year 4 has just been diagnosed with traits of Asperger’s and dyspraxia. We think she also has dyslexia as she is struggling with reading and writing. She is very unhappy at school and is sometimes bullied. She can let out a lot of her frustrations at home. We are concerned about the future, and her education. […]

Specific language impairment (SLI), dyslexia and dyspraxia

Dear Jacqui, My son is in Year 7 and has specific language impairment (SLI), dyslexia and dyspraxia, with visual processing difficulties; I suspect sensory and auditory processing difficulties (APD) as well. He was assessed by an Educational Psychologist in Year 5. He has a history of chronic glue ear, from 12 weeks until grommets were fitted at 8 months. He is bright and does okay at school, uses learned strategies and has an excellent attitude. Is there any advice you can offer re: Occupational therapy (OT) support and your thoughts re the auditory processing? I think the mumbled speech remains an issue, and the fine motor co-ordination in practical subjects; he gets tired easily. […]

Is she is hearing me or just ignoring me?

Dear Jacqui, My daughter is 2 ½ years old and says about 10 words, which are not clear. She learns new words very slowly but she is pointing to make herself understood. She is agile physically. I am wondering if her speech will catch-up to her peers? Sometimes I am not sure if she is hearing me or just ignoring me? […]

He can read but doesn’t

Dear Jacqui, My child’s Lower school and then Middle school have been telling us not to worry about our son. However, he is just completing Year 9 at Upper school and there are issues around the time he takes to write an essay, and his spelling and grammar. He can read but doesn’t. He is better at Maths but English and all other Humanities are being affected. The Upper school can’t assess this nor do they have much knowledge about it. They feel that it should be addressed in the Lower and Middle schools. Is it too late for our son? Can you do any training to schools to inform them about specific learning difficulties? […]