Dear Jacqui, My son is in Year 6 and has been diagnosed with a mild language impairment, dyslexia and dyspraxia. He also has some sensory processing issues and suspected auditory processing difficulties. He has a history of glue ear since he was a year old. He is achieving in the average range at school but can become anxious about going in to school and meeting new people. His speech is still unclear and he has poor handwriting. Is there any advice you can offer and what are your thoughts about the auditory processing?

If a child has a number of these specific learning difficulties interacting, even in a mild form, then there will be an impact on learning. I suspect that your child is struggling to attend in the classroom. Have you had his hearing checked? If this is in the normal range, then I suspect there is some auditory processing difficulty related to the glue ear, mild language impairment, dyslexia, and the anxiety probably due to listening at school and in social situations. Your child needs to have a speech and language therapy assessment and report, then a referral to an Audiological Physician for an auditory processing assessment. Your child probably has sensory issues related to the dyspraxia which is also affecting speech and handwriting. Speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy can address and improve these issues. Please refer to pages on my website: Listening and Language, and then the drop down page Processes for communication 2.