Ten Years Old and Very Bright But Gets into Trouble at School

Dear Jacqui, My son is ten years old and very bright. However, he keeps getting into trouble at school as he does things his own way, and he has temper tantrums at home over his homework. He is very artistic, creative and can be kind and caring. He concentrates for hours on his art but school says he struggles to concentrate in the classroom. He can misread social situations and be ‘black and white’ in his thinking. I’m baffled at how to support him further. Please can you give me some advice? […]

Child has Difficulties with His Executive Function

Dear Jacqui, I have been told that my child has difficulties with his executive function. Please can you explain what this is? […]

The Best Ways to Encourage My 3 year Old’s Language Development

Dear Jacqui, what are the best ways to encourage my 3 year old’s language development? […]

Advice For Child in Preschool Who is Stammering

Dear Jacqui, I am concerned about my child in preschool who is stammering. Please could you give me some advice about how to support her? […]

3 Years Old and Not Speaking Clearly or Saying as Many Words as Children Her Age

Dear Jacqui, My daughter is nearly 3 years old and is not speaking clearly or saying as many words as children her age. Is this normal, and will she outgrow it? […]

Auditory Processing for a Year 6 with a Mild Language Impairment, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

Dear Jacqui, My son is in Year 6 and has been diagnosed with a mild language impairment, dyslexia and dyspraxia. He also has some sensory processing issues and suspected auditory processing difficulties. He has a history of glue ear since he was a year old. He is achieving in the average range at school but can become anxious about going in to school and meeting new people. His speech is still unclear and he has poor handwriting. Is there any advice you can offer and what are your thoughts about the auditory processing? […]

Working Memory, Language and Learning

Dear Jacqui, Please could you tell me more about working memory, language and learning? […]

My 20 year old Son Doesn’t seem to have any friends.

Dear Jacqui, My son is 20 years old and doesn’t seem to have any friends. Please can you give me some advice about this? […]

My Daughter is 13 years old and Behaves in Unusual Ways that I think She may be on the Autism Spectrum.

Dear Jacqui, My daughter is 13 years old and behaves in unusual ways that I think she may be on the autism spectrum. I have thought this since she was very young. Please can you give me some advice about this? […]

I’m Worried that Children are Spending Too Much Time on Screens and Not Enough Time to Play

Dear Jacqui, I’m worried that children are spending too much time on screens and don’t seem to have enough time to play. How can parents respond to this? […]