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Teenager Prefers to be Isolated Rather Than Engage with People

Dear Jacqui, I’m concerned about my teenage son who spends most of the time in his bedroom on screens. He prefers to be isolated rather than engage with people. He is a terrible procrastinator and puts things off to the last minute or avoids doing things altogether. He does well at school if he can be bothered. He communicates if he wants to but often doesn’t. He is very frustrating to deal with. […]

Year 5 Diagnosed with ADHD due to His Inattention

Dear Jacqui, My son is in Year 5 and has been diagnosed with ADHD due to his inattention. He has a severe language impairment, mild dyslexia and fine motor problems affecting handwriting. He also has suspected auditory processing difficulties and poor working memory. He is achieving in the low average range at school but needs support due to his inattention. Is there any advice you can offer about his attention? […]

Child is in Reception and has difficulties with speech, language, learning and memory

Dear Jacqui, My child is in Reception and has difficulties with speech, language, learning and memory. He is also clumsy, has poor pencil grip, is a fussy eater and poor sleeper. He is lovely but can be difficult. Please advise? […]

Visual spatial processing difficulties affecting language and learning

Dear Jacqui, Please could you explain more about my 13 year old son’s visual spatial processing difficulties affecting his language and learning? […]

Working memory and the Cogmed programme

Dear Jacqui, Please could you tell me more about working memory and the Cogmed programme? […]

Teenager with difficulties concentrating at school

Dear Jacqui, My teenage daughter is having difficulties concentrating at school and understanding her work. She is a bright girl but struggling to achieve her potential. Do you have any explanation for this? […]

Speech therapy for stammering teenager

Dear Jacqui, My teenager is still dealing with stammering that he has had ‘on’ and ‘off’ since he was 3 years old. He had some Speech therapy during his Primary school years. Please could you advise us about Speech therapy for stammering teenager? […]

Weak working memory

Dear Jacqui, My child in Year 6 has been diagnosed with weak working memory due to difficulties with school work. Please could you give some advice on how to support him? […]

Detrimental effect on children’s communication skills of screen time

Dear Jacqui, Do you think that screen time is having a detrimental effect on children’s communication skills? […]

Child with language and communication difficulties is also dyspraxic

Dear Jacqui, I suspect that my child with language and communication difficulties is also dyspraxic. Please can you explain more about this and how we can have this assessed? […]