Dear Jacqui, My teenager is still dealing with stammering that he has had ‘on’ and ‘off’ since he was 3 years old. He had some Speech therapy during his Primary school years. Please could you advise us about Speech therapy for stammering teenager?

Being a teenager brings many challenges and changes physically and emotionally. It is also a time when communication skills become increasing important with peers. So for a teenager that stammers, this is a time of increased stress related to speaking. I strongly recommend that your son sees a Speech and Language therapist for an updated assessment and individualised therapy programme.

Here is some general advice for your teenager to try:

  • Speak slowly and clearly; sometimes adding in rhythm can help
  • Take time to talk; you don’t have to rush
  • Use the appropriate volume for talking
  • Breathe correctly and take appropriate pauses
  • Keep good posture when talking
  • Relax and do things you enjoy to de-stress
  • Make eye contact when talking to a person
  • Learn confidence through things you do well i.e. sports or art
  • Talk about stammering with family and friends
  • Talk about your anxiety and fears with someone you trust
  • Speak to a trusted teacher if having difficulties at school

Contact me if you would like more advice about Speech therapy for stammering teenager